Pre-packaged magnesium anode
Name:Pre-packaged magnesium anode

Product Description

Pre-packed Magnesium Anode


1) Description:


YGYY Pre-packed Magnesium Anode is designed for high-efficiency construction requirements. It is based on single naked sacrificial anode, and supplemented with backfill bag and cable connection,which could offer more convenient and faster works for customers.


2) Specification of YGYY Pre-packed Magnesium Anode:



--- Naked Magnesium Anode with any model;

--- Cable, to be welded on the anode, and sealed with anepoxy resin, dibutyl or PVC heat shrink, with insulated PVC cover;

--- Backfill bag: Gypsum 75%, Bentonite 20%, Sodium Sulphate5%;

--- Aluminum-heatflux;

--- Carrier bag:cotton bag

See below drawing:


3) Usage of YGYY Pre-packed Magnesium Anode:


It is used primarily in high resistivity soils. They are made of recyclable materials or easily decomposable materials and the content of harmful elements in the backfill is lower than safety standards, which will not bring any pollution to the surroundings.


4) Advantages of YGYY Pre-packed Magnesium Anode:


--Complied with ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ISO 9001,          

--Complied with ASTM standard,

--More year CP proection,

--OEM service offered,

--Design andproduce all types anode as per client’s requests.

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